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Why It's Ok to Not Be Ok

I am constantly coming across people and articles telling me how i need to just be happy with where I am at in life. I get it! I really do! And they're right to an extent, but to be honest, I'm ok in not being ok with where I am at in life, and you should be too.

I'm always telling people that I can't wait to buy my own house. What they hear is my constant want for change. This does offset people a little bit, which is ok! Not everyone can take in continuous change. Some people close to me get annoyed, even frustrated with it. Their frustrations really aren't my concerns, though. When I finally DO get to where I want to be, they will understand. Where their eyes couldn't see the potential, mine could.

Not being alright with your current life status means you have goals and dreams. I means your're trying, pursuing and working. It means you see room for improvement. It's all the visionaries out there that say it IS possible. It means you are NOT alright with settling.

You aren't pessimistic in wanting better than what you have. In fact, that trait is what makes the world go round. All the greats in history are remembered BECAUSE they strive for better. They tried, probably failed many times too, but they made significant changes.

I've often heard that contentment is a great enemy to success. I wholeheartedly believe that. I've seen it. I've seen many people get to a point in their life where they are just alright with the crappy situation they are in and never strive for better. Many people will tell you it's alright to be that way, even urge you to accept life like that. But don't do it. Do NOT settle for what you have now. Appreciate it and be grateful, but don't settle. I understand it's very difficult to do this and it makes for a very thin rope to be walking on, but if you can pull off being grateful for what you have while always working for better, you're golden.

I'm with you on this. When everyone around you is telling you how wrong you are in wanting better, just brush it off. You're not wrong and it is totally ok to not be ok.


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