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I'm Jaymie, owner and maker of the Midnight Queen Brand blog and apothecary. 

First, if you’ve seen the absolute metamorphosis of this blog and still come back, THANK YOU!!! It’s gone through so many changes just as I have as a person. And now that I'm in my 30’s, I feel more solidified in who I am and what I’m here to do. Thank you so much for sticking around :) 

Truthfully, I’ve been slacking a bit on writing this because sometimes I just dont like writing about myself. It seems too selfish, maybe? Or self absorbed? I don’t know… Point is, I’m far too humble to enjoy writing about myself but I love sharing my experiences with people in hopes that it will help them in some way.


I started this blog over 8 years ago when I became a mother. At that point, I just wanted a fun place to share my thoughts and experiences. But I was also at a very immature point in my life where I was still rebelling too. I rebelled against society. I hated the birth trauma I went through, the relationship I was in, the person society was telling me to be. 

I worked at a radio station for a few years before I began working at my local Aldi warehouse. That job helped me so much in my life with the amount of money coming in. I was able to provide better for my son while being a single mom and also save for a house.

After years of working there, I met my now husband, obviously got engaged and married, bought a house, gained a bonus son, had a daughter and am now pregnant with another precious boy. Now I am a stay at home mom and I can now focus on the career that I want to have while being able to be present with my children.

I’ve been a witch pretty much my whole life but finally just began really practicing when I was around 24. A couple years later, I began practicing the Tarot.

I absolutely love everything about Tarot and learn about myself through it every day. It is honestly quite an experience. It really does take years of every day practice with the tarot to be a good intuitive reader and not just to provide surface information that can be learned from any book out there.

I am now in the process of completing various spiritual classes including astrology and shamanism that I hope will help me help others. I’m here to be a guide, to give advice if asked, to share my findings, inspire your home decor, and to document happy little moments in life. 

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