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Slytherin Decor

This post contains affiliate links.

Here is a curated collection of Slytherin Common Room aesthetic pieces for anyone who wants yo show off that edgy Slytherin vibe!

Lets start with Bedding!

The first options are these silk sheets and duvet covers! Silky and sleek is a Slytherin staple so these black silky satin sheets paired with this emerald duvet set is pure class!

If you still want the Black and green but not silk and a little more budget friendly, here are some great options. I have the black sheets myself that I bought when my husband was a Slytherin.

These black sheets are super budget friendly and are one of Amazon's best picks! This emerald green comforter set is also budget friendly and is a perfect Slytherin shade! Don't forget the Slytherin pillow cases! We have these and still love them after 4 years and they're only $10!

Slytherin Brand

You cant do Slytherin without a Slytherin tapestry! And this Slytherin scarf is great for showing off your slytherin pride on the way to hogsmeade! Lastly, this Silver Slytherin wand holder is awesome for displaying your wand from Ollivanders. It's perfect for tying everything together.

Room Decor

Adding a super elegant black mirror can make your room feel more open and spacious while still keeping it dark and chic.

This black rug can add so much drama to your slytherin common room. I have this same rug in my living room and i love it! It comes in so many sizes. I also have the matching runner.

Slytherin aesthetic is all about dark, moody, and dramatic. These emerald velvet curtains are perfect for any Slytherin. Hang them from the top of your wall and let them seeep along the floor for some added height and drama in your room. I have these same curtains in red and they are such great quality!

If you want to be flashy about your ambition, this posable serpent can be used as a bracelet or necklace and is excellent statement jewelry while also being classic sleek and chic like true Slytherin style. It's only $11

What other inconspicuous Slytherin things can you add to your home? How about this snake vase!

Or maybe these black candle sticks...

This hour glass reminded me of the one from Professor Slughorns classroom. It HAD to go on the list. I can see it being enchanted in the Malfoy Manor somewhere.

changing out your switch and outlet plates is a great way to add instant charm to your home. These black covers come in all different configuration solutions for whatever electrical accesses you have and are a unique upgrade. Imagine these on black or dar green walls!

I found two perfect throw blankets if you want to start small with your Slytherin pride. This emerald blanket is super soft and warm for those cold evenings in the dungeons under the lake. And it's $10! This green patterned blanket i thought was great if youre not as dark of a witch or wizard. Plus the pattern is like snake scales. What a subtle bonus!

Say what you want about Slytherins, but they are not only ambitious, they can have an incredibly keen and strategic mind. If you too love the challenges of brain games, these dramatic chess pieces are for you!

But ehy stop at just the decorative pieces? Are you in the market for a new chess board? This ones a perfect final touch to a slytherin common room!

How did i do? Did i miss anything besides Borgin & Burkes suff? Lol Id say at least get you a big victorian wingback chair but those are best bought second hand... but ill keep that between you and me. Some wizarding familys dont do "tatty, second hand" anything!


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