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The Best Colors For You Based on Your Venus

Photo: Botticelli's famous Birth of Venus

Venus is all around beauty. Your venus sign is a great indicator on what colors and materials look best on YOU personally, what brings out your true beauty. Also take note that your Venus will tell you what you find beauty in and also who your eyes are drawn to. Sometimes someone can be visually attractive to you and quite often their sun or rising signs could be the same as your venus sign.

Venus is how you love and how you want to be loved! Knowing your Venus sign can be a great help for you in relationships and even how to practice self love.

I've put together some color charts for each Venus sign below. These colors can commonly help you in the aesthetics around you. What you wear, your makeup, hair, and what environments you find beauty in. For now, you can start small with just yourself, then move onto bigger things.

Aries Venus

Passionate colors like deep reds. All shades of gold and cream whites. Also the greige shades and grey brown tones work great for Aries. Think of soft brutalist mixed with warmer browns and reds.

Taurus Venus

Venus is at home in Taurus. One of the two signs ruled by her. Taurus has an eye for the finer things and a Taurus Venus is no exception. You will love to have beauty all around you with this sign. Emerald greens and sages as well as mustard golds and fuchsias feel lovely for a Taurus Venus. Taurus is the more nature oriented side of Venus. When i think of a taurian, i think of a big brown bull napping in a field of wildflowers and butterflies dancing all around under a crisp blue sky. An abundance of colors and life all around.

A taurean venus would do well in dressing lavishly.

Gemini Venus

All the light and airy colors. Whites, creams, sky and robins egg blues, also browns, blondes, and butter yellows.

When i think of gemini venus, i think of the 1950s beach umbrellas and two-tone plaid retro bikinis. Fun and lively. The yellow hits to the mind and Gemini energy is very much in the mind as they are an Air sign.

Cancer Venus

Soft pinks and corals as well as sea greans and seaglass blues. Pearls and iridescent items will work great as accents and jewelry for you. Think of the shallows of the ocean. Sandbars, even a coral reef in a warm ocean current that nurtures and protects so much sea life.

Leo Venus

Youll want sunny and warm colors. Think of those golden African Savana colors and tones. Youll look best with warm golds, dusty roses and rusts, golden browns and sand colors. Orange might be a color that excites you, as well as bronze, copper, and gold.

Leo is the lion, so a volumous hair style can do wonders for you, just like the lions mane.

Virgo Venus

Youll look your best in the bare minimum. Youll probably be able to rock any look you want but somehow, youll make the most boring and bland outfits work to your advantage. Because when the focus is away from your clothes and onto your face, your true beauty will be so prominent that others will be jealous if how effortlessly gorgeous you are (especially that Leo venus lol).

Muted earth tones are great for you! The less flashy the better. Youll feel in your comfort zone, being under the radar, but your beauty will still shine through. You 4 can absolutely rock the natural look which Virgo Venuses have an eye for anyway. Virgo is the maiden so naturally a Virgo Venus is soft and easy on the eyes.

Libra Venus

Libra is the second sign ruled by Venus. Where Taurus is earthy Venus, Libra is sky Venus. Sunsets and sunrises are always seen as a wonder and beauty in the world. All the pastels of the cosmos as the sun illuminates the stratusphere. With this placement, you want sophisticated and harmonious. Anything chic will highlight your features. Like virgo, your look can be minimalist, but youll also have the glam of a leo in the mix.

Colors that best suit you will be light, airy colors. Muted hues of blue and lavenders. Touches of blush pink. Light mints and mauves. Pastels can work wonders for you like in the sky. As above, so below.

Scorpio Venus

Naturally dark colors look great on you. Greys, blacks, dark browns and dark burgundies. The whole twilight color scheme, really. Dark purples and navy and midnight blues as well. I myself am a Scorpio rising so using scorpio colors in what I wear is comforting as well as the atmosphere I surround myself in. I enjoy having deep, rich colors in my home.

Sagittarius Venus

Ruby reds and saphires. Sagittarius venus colors are deep and striking, other worldy even. They will love to have colors that are bold, daring, and stand out. I love this bold scheme I've put together. These color scream adventure and excitement! They remind me of passport stamps, travel stickers, and carnival games.

Capricorn Venus

Earthy stone colors are at home heres. Lots of grays and browns. Think corporate colors and briefcases. Slate blues are also a great compliment. It's like Aries colors but less reds and more grey blue and brown tones. I also think of a snow leopard and corresponding colors when I think of a Capricorn.

Aquarius Venus

Mystical purples and colors that stand out. Very bright and eye catching but also other worldly much like Pandora on Avatar. Peacock colors are so fitting for an Aquarius Venus - bio illuminescence is an Aquarius Venus vibe, she just wants to stand out and be loved for her courage to be different.

Pisces Venus

Piscean colors are almost similar to Libras with just more beach colors. Think of a koi pond and its inhabitants. Beautiful koi fish colors and complimenting sea blues just like Cancer. If Cancer is the coral reef, Pisces is the fish that live there in harmony.

There is a certain ebb and flow to Piscean energy. Duality is highlighted in it just like Gemini, Cancer, and Libra. This is where the blues and oranges come i . They are corresponding colors on the color wheel, meaning they are opposite each other. For being so different, they complement each other well.

For extra points: go through the list again to find your rising sign. If you can marry your rising and venus schemes together, you can have a stunning look that WORKS FOR YOU and helps you radiate your natural beauty!
Remember: astrology is literally the blueprint of you. When you can read and understand it, youll be able to use its directions to your advantage for a beautiful and effortless life.

Blessings my loves!


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