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The Bottled Sunshine Oil

This oil was inspired by my son’s sunny personality. We all need a little sunshine in our lives. This was made in small batches in my own home apothecary. I specialize in magical uses of herbs and astrology So i use that knowledge when i put infused oils together.

So now its time to talk about the MAGIC in the bottle...

I actually really enjoyed making this oil. Putting together the ingredients that complimented each other, keeping in mind the correspondences of each herb, adding a little sparkle. It was fun! OR maybe it was a bit of the magic rubbing off on me that made be feel fun and creative???


I always keep in mind the thought of this oil being used topically so i used organic sunflower oil. Sunflower oil is great for dry skin and sensitive skin types. I actually used this oil on my daughter’s head to help get rid of cradle cap. Shes 6 months at the time of writing this. It works great on her new skin.

I use this oil every morning after i wash my face. Because it is winter here in Michigan, its dark, cold, and stagnant feeling here. I imagine the feel of the sun on my face as i put it on. That small bit of meditation helps. This oil has kept me afloat during postpartum depression. My mother had also passed away in October. The earth was getting dark in the northern hemisphere. This kept me out of the dark.

I also have been using this to tan with but i HIGHLY suggest not to unless you have developed a good base. Since this is an oil, you will burn a lot with it. Please be smart and treat your skin well. Any unaltered oil will wholly magnify light onto your skin. I want all my customers and readers to know that you don't have to harm yourself to make yourself “beautiful.” If you keep your heart beautiful, it will radiate outward.


This oil is exactly what its name is. Sunshine in a bottle. The Sun is the most powerful planet in our solar system. It gives life, warmth, turns the seasons. It decides our egos, dictates our character based on the zodiac sign that its in when we are born. It influences our attitudes and nourishes our body. It feeds the earth.

I've used this oil to anoint candles for spellwork, anointing the body as well. The roll-ons are great for anointing your pulse points and especially your solar plexus point.

Pouring some oil on the steps or threshold of your front door is a great way to welcome positivity, joy, and play into your home.

You can add this oil to your ritual bath too! It is infused with sunny herbs with fire energy. There are calendula petals, dandelion leaf, grapefruit peel and it has a citrus-orange scent. All the ingredients for a revitalizing bath!

This oil is great for positive spells, manifesting goals and dreams, connecting with your children. Its also a wonderful addition to your Imbolc altar.

Imbolc is the festival of fire, bringing the sun back to the earth. What better way to honor and welcome the light to your life and by opening a bottle of it?

Imbolc traditionally is from sundown on February 1st through February 2nd. Spring is just on the horizon and the earth is stirring. Spring is on its way. Hope is surging and you can see a light at the end of the dark tunnel of winter. Here in Michigan, I usually dont see traces of spring outside but daylight is lasting just a little longer each day.

Imbolc is also a time to clean and refresh. Finally cleaning up your house after the holidays, clear out clutter. Its a time for you to clean out your old habits, clear your mind of anything thats not helping you grow, and make space for new things and people to come into your life. Winter is halfway done!

If this sounds like your kind of magical tool, click here to visit my etsy shop and grab your Bottle of Sunshine! Please be safe when using new magical tools, always practice discernment, and please recycle ☀️♻️

Until next time my loves! 💕 -jaym


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