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Go the Distance

When I began putting work into this oil, it was originally going to be an Aries Energy oil. But then i thought of all the great aspects of Aries that I’ve come to embrace. Why not narrow it down to the absolute BEST of Aries?

My Moon is in Aries. When I has realized this, it finally clicked how torn ive always been having that mixed with a Cancer Sun. I was always at odds with myself, my Aries side always feeling like the worst parts of me because it showed itself most when i got emotional. Mainly anger and refusal to cooperate with authority. I’m still working through the kinks on how to balance these aspects of myself and feel at harmony, but i have over time learned valuable lessons from the Aries sign.


Aries are very driven and when an Aries placement is in a favorable spot, this can be where your success can be achieved.


Determination is the driving force for an Aries. It goes into everything they do. Sometimes they can get held up but they'll carry a goal to the very end without giving up on it, firmly believing that they WILL reach it.


Aries can put their whole heart into whatever they do. It's almost a child like heart full of magical belief and their desires can consume them, enveloping their emotions.


Aries are not afraid of most things, for they know their power and fully believe they have been equipped to handle anything to come their way.

When i finally took the time to learn the best of the Aries sign, i couldnt help but think of Heracles (Greek) or more commonly known as Hercules (Roman). He has an ultimate drive to prove himself and hes not afraid to do what needs to be done to get to where he wants to go. Where Aries has that inner strength that just wont quit, Heracles has that manifesting as outer/physical strength, which represents his inner strength When put to the 12 tasks he was assigned. Plus the 90s animated movie song played in my head pretty much the whole time i was making it!

And so i made an oil. And oil that I myself needed. An oil to go the distance in my goals. Ive been feeling so discouraged lately with setback after setback along with mental health issues after a great loss to my family. I needed something to take me far. I need to find my inner strength.

For those of you that need help in that area like me, this ones for you! Go the Distance has a blend of citrusy, and floral scent with honeysuckle, frankincense, and orange. I have infused it with a few strong, beautiful, and passionate herbs and also brewed it in accordance to particular astrological placements to enhance its power.

Part of the carrier oils infused in this blend is Jojoba Oil. This oil is amazing for the skin. It's rich in vitamin E and is most like a wax that resembles the sebum of the skin. I've just begun nourishing my own skin with this oil once Im out of the shower and I love it!

But please dont forget, its all about your intention. Visualize your inner will igniting as you anoint your candle and light it. As you anoint your pulse points, feel divine strength going into your body and lighting that fire within you.

As you rub this oil onto your right hand and arm every morning, say these affirmations:

I am Strong

I will go the distance

I have achieved my goals today

Now dont just sit back and think this oil will take over your body, that's not how Magick works. You have to keep it in the forefront of your mind. You always need to place your intentions and goals in a place of more importance in you schedule. Remember, this is a tool for you to use, it is not the cure all substance. And just like any tool when used correctly, it can help you accomplish great things.

I would love to hear what this oil has helped you do! Please come back and fill me in on what you've accomplished. I always want the highest and greatest good for my readers. Now get out there and do something amazing! And don't forget to grab your Go the Distance oil. I only made one master bottle this time so bottles are limited. Click here to purchase from Etsy, or you can go to my own shop in the shop section on this site.

Blessed Be my darlings!


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