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A Spell to Call "The One"

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I've done quite a few spells in my practice. I figured I would share this one with you guys because this spell is what set the universe in motion for me to find my soul's other half. This is the first spell that I put my all into...


When I first saw my now husband, I had gotten those butterflies in my chest and a weird pang in my stomach. A lot of excitement and nervousness at the same time. I sought out ways to see him. Whether it was to invest my time into a project that I knew would put me on the path to just walking by him, or looking for reasons to stay in a particular spot just to be there in case he showed up there too.

And then it happened one day. Just like that. I was just eating at a table by myself hoping he would come into that room for some reason, and then maybe I could get a chance to say hi. Before I got the courage to say anything to him, he sat down across from me at my table. I looked up (pretending I had JUST noticed his presence even though I was aware he was in the work break room the whole time gathering his things) and said "Hi?"

Real smooth, jaym. You've had a month to come up with anything to say to him and that's all you could muster.

"Hi," he said with a smirk, "Are those Hogwarts pants?"

I was indeed wearing Hogwarts leggings. I gotta proudly show my loyalty. I looked down at them like an idiot like I had suddenly forgot what I was wearing that day. "Yeah." I said. Maybe you have never been in this situation but when you've spent so much time practicing and preparing words to say to someone and they catch you off guard by striking up a conversation with you first, you get a little dumbfounded.

"I think you're my soulmate." He said

Lets go back to a little over 2 months prior to this interaction...


I was in therapy for all the trauma I had having been in a few terrible relationships and just having nowhere to go in life. The typical stress that hits a lot of single parents at one point or another. Therapy was going well and it really gave me a lot of my confidence back. for the first time I was really focusing on ME and that felt good!

I had started digging deeper into witchcraft and wiccanism, all things I was always taking part in, just not as much as I wanted because of scrutiny or lack of support. My home town really isn't a place to be anything but a country person.

I bought myself some things; candles, crystals at my local metaphysical shop, spell books, herbalism books, witches almanac. I desperately wanted a tarot deck but felt it wasn't the right time for it.

One of the books in particular that I had bought was Moon Spells by Diane Ahlquist and I highly recommend it. I cannot share the whole spell as it is not my spell to share but I can give you a couple snippets from it. I really suggest buying it for yourself though, and following the entire spell as it states. I should say this also is not a post I was asked to make by the author so I do not receive any compensation based on a good review. I do however support this book and it is also a great book to start with when you are new to your craft.

The spell is on page 151 and its the spell called “Love (for women only).” Im sure you guys out there could use the same one directed towards men and it would work the same. But this is the spell i used. Not the soulmate spell, or the spell to find a lover, but the regular love spell.

At the time, i wasnt even looking for live from a partner, i was just looking for unconditional love to flow to me and for me to feel for others. I had finally let go of everything i expected love to be and just let love flow to me and from me. This is what I concentrated on most during the spell.

I highly suggest letting go and letting god/spirit/the universe just bring you what you need in life. Each of us has expectations for thing like love. I know i did and that’s honestly what held me back and kept my person away from me. And in the end, he gave me unconditional love because i didn’t try to fit him into my idea of the perfect partner.

This was one of the first full and intricate spells I have ever preformed. It was a lot of preparation but it was so worth it. I also made notes of it in my grimoire/journal which I encourage everyone to make and keep. Its good to look back and see what days you had performed spells or tarot spreads and then see how the future unfolds from there.


A month or so into the relationship, he had told me that he believed there was magic in the world. I was so happy to hear him say that. After that, I had planned on sharing with him about my spirituality. I was very nervous about that but he had accepted that part of me completely and even encouraged me. In fact, he constantly encouraged me to keep believing in myself and my abilities.

Having that discussion with him had reminded me that I had actually done a love spell. Then the timeline had occurred to me...

I had done that spell during a full moon at the beginning of February that year. As it turns out, just shortly after that, he was mailed a flier from my work about hiring. Normally those get thrown away but for some reason he had decided to give that flier a second look. He had decided to come in and apply since he was in the market for another job.

He was hired a couple weeks after that.

Call it coincidence if you'd like but it is pretty crazy to think that a week or so after that spell of mine was performed that he had gotten a mail flier from my employer and went in to apply there.

We both arent perfect people but we both mesh together so well and give each other our all, always. Its worth giving up the sometimes shallow ideas of what you want. Let the universe bring you what you NEED. This is what will heal you and and fulfill your soul. This spell probably wont work for everyone but its the one spell that has brought the best into my life and if it worked for me, it might work for you too!


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