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Rainbow Fluorite for the Air/Water Cusps

Air and water can be a very trying pair. Here we have intellect meets emotions. This is an intense internal battleground of mind vs heart. In this article I will talk about how Rainbow Fluorite can assist any ari/water cusp with their more challenging qualities they may possess. Please note that these qualities are NOT the essence of the cusps and that there are a great deal MORE positive aspects of being a cusper. But I will always encourage everyone to work at themselves every day and when you are aware of your challenging traits, you can better combat them in positive ways in order to become a better version of yourself. As an empath, healer, astrologer, and aspiring shaman, I want the best for all my clients and readers and want to always give truth as best as I know it to be.

The Air Signs

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are the air signs of the zodiac and air is connected to the mind and communication. These signs have a certain intellectual ability. The challenging qualities that come with the mind being part of your core nature include things like anxiety, depression, lots of mental illnesses, even can be chaotic. There can also be a lot of confusion and indecisiveness.

The Water Signs

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces make up the water signs. These signs tend to be extremely emotional on a bad day but they tend to lead their lives based on how they feel. They feel deeply and sometimes so deeply that they break their own hearts. Sometimes on their worst days, they can feel a mess of emotions that logic can't sort through and will be out of commission for quite a while.

Cusp Names

Each cusp pairing has its own unique name. The Gemini/Cancer is the "Cusp of Magic." The Libra/Scorpio cups is the "Cusp of Drama." The Aquarius/Pisces cusp is the "Cusp of Sensitivity."

Rainbow Fluorite

This crystal is layered with a few colors and is a great and powerful one to add to anyones collection but if you are an Air/water cusp sign, it can be especially beneficial to you.

+ Brings Order to Chaos

When water and air come together, there is most assuredly chaos. Just like how the wild wind can stir up the sea and create terrific storms. When all that turmoil is swirling around inside you, this crystal can help bring some peace. It will help bring on some always needed mental clarity.

+ Stabilize Emotions

Water signs have an easier time with their emotions but air signs are the ones who will most likely need help stabilizing their emotions at one point or another. As an air sign, you have just as many emotions as anyone but processing them takes a great deal more effort for you. And when you're a cusper in this area, you will feel very deeply but may not always know they way to express your feelings. This can make you feel less in control of your feelings or decide to handle them in unhealthy ways. Having Rainbow Fluourite around can help bring these big feelings down to a manageable level and also give you the focus to help process them better.

+ Brings Balance

Rainbow Fluorite is known for its balancing powers. Air and water will always need to be constantly worked on for mental balance. When your adjacent signs can come together and balance properly, there is no limit to what you can do. Once you can balance your two elements, you can begin to break down the barriers that have been holding you back from your potential. Balance is key here for air and water cuspers as you might be part Libra or part Gemini. Libra is the sign of balance and harmony of the mind. Libra is at its best when there is harmony in its life. Gemini is the sign of the twins. Gemini is known for being almost two entities in one that are forever learning how to balance and when you add water to the mix, its sure to throw a lot out of wack. Three is a crowd.

+ Focus

This crystal is one of the best to have around when you are a student. Its an excellent learning aid and helps bring focus to ones life. As an air/water cusper, focus may be difficult for you to come by. Your mind is saying so many things all at once that you can't keep up with how any of those thoughts make you feel. Focusing on one thought at a time can do wonders for you.

+ Seeing the Truth

Air signs can be very judicial, using logic over emotions and analyzing details. Air wants truth and communication. At the same time, air can have a difficult time with their emotions and if they know the truth can hurt too much, the air/water sign might turn a blind eye to it to save themselves. A common trait found amongst many Aquarians is that the truth can be sitting right there and if its something they don't like or they know will hurt them bad, they can ignore it until it slaps them in the face. This can be a very painful experience and when you're a Piscian-Aquarian or cusp of sensitivity, this can be lessened with the help of Rainbow Fluorite.


I hope this article has helped you find some clarity as an air/water cusp. Whether you be of magic, drama, or sensitivity. Blessed be, my loves!


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