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Sweet Psychic Dream Oil

A lot of people have used this oil so far and tell me about all of their crazy dreams but this oil doesn't JUST help you have crazy dreams, there's more to it than that.

This oil was infused during a specific astrological time (that info, I'll keep to myself) and marinated for about a month. Having been mixed every day for a month and then bottled, this oil contains lots of power and magic.

The carrier is just a simple oil you can use in every day cooking. I chose 4 different herbs for this oil for a specific reason. These 4 have their own properties and when put together, they create one oil that can work wonders.


I chose rosemary initially because it's said to help with memory. If nothing in your subconscious is remembered the next morning, the oil cannot help you like it should. But rosemary has a few more benefits as well. It actually promotes deep sleep and when this is paired with lavender, you will be lulled into a night of deep physical rest.


Lavender is probably one of the most popular herbs/flowers out there besides a rose. It's scent is intoxicating and used in so many candles, essential oils, and other aromatherapy things. But aside from the relaxation it brings just from its aroma, it also helps to reduce anxiety and emotional stress. It improves sleep and reduces insomnia.


Thyme is very useful to have in a witches apothecary. It can be used in smudging, tea, and even bath water. One of my favorite properties of thyme is that it helps you release the past. So when your dreams contain lots of past emotions and experiences, that's the thyme opening up things you've forgotten or kept shut tight in order to release them. Thyme also inspires insightful dreams which is why it was a perfect candidate for this oil.


Mugwort is a powerful herb with moon connections and has the ability to enhance dreams to be more vivid and even prophetic. Mugwort is also said to aid with astral travel and lucid dreaming if you are ready to give that a go. Dreams like that can be a bit scary and when you mix the mugwort with the properties of thyme, you can have extremely vivid dreams of the past or even about your anxieties that you need to release. Some people are not currently in a good place to experience that yet so if you have bought this oil, I encourage you to wait until you're for sure ready to heal and have meaningful dreams. Luckily, the energy cleansing properties of the rosemary counteract the intencity of the mugwort so there may be dreams that shake you, but no nightmares.

Dreams are our subconscious way of telling us about ourselves if you pay attention to them. This oil was designed to help you heal, rest, and learn about yourself along the way. When you purchase and use the Sweet Psychic Dreams oil, you begin a quest of self discovery and seeking higher spiritual knowledge. So I encourage you to only use this when you're ready. It's very powerful and shouldn't be used unless you're completely ready to dive further into the workings of your third eye and subconscious. Whether you do or don't decide to purchase this oil, I encourage everyone to jot down your dreams in a dream journal. Amazon has lots of cute ones

A word of caution, once your third eye is opened, it might not always be able to close again. Some can be very shaken if their third eye opens too early. Please be careful when you're using any oils topically for magical purposes and research them thoroughly. To all of my readers and customers, I care about you and don't want you to use a product of mine unless you are ready and know what it contains. I care about your well-being above all else.

Happy dreams my loves!


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