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New Moon in Cancer

I love new moon energy. It's all about having let go of what doesn't serve you and beginning new. The new moon is the best time I've found to sit down and make a plan or write petitions and intentions to grow over the next couple weeks. Being a Cancer myself, this is definitely and self-care kind of time for me and helping bring my own cancer energy to the surface - even though it likes to stay safe in that shell of mine. Cancer is one of the most sensitive and intuitive signs of the zodiac. It's ruled by the moon so when the moon is in the sign of Cancer at any time, you can be sure you'll be feeling more emotional than normal.

Rituals for the New Moon in Cancer

Space and House Cleansing

The first thing I do during new moon times is cleans my space. The most common thing to use is sage. Why? because it is powerful! Its actually too powerful for me though (which always makes me wonder if my own energy is bad LOL) so I usually use palo Santo throughout my home. I clean every area; all the bedrooms, the kitchen, living room, dining room, basement, attic... Then I light incense in my sacred space for extra measure. If you don't like the smoke from sage or palo Santo, you can always try these sage candles from amazon. I have a few of these and they work great as a substitute! Always remember open or at least crack a window so that any energy you don't want has a place to escape through.

Next I sweep the floors with intention. This means going through the house with a broom and sweeping every inch of the floor while picturing the unwanted energy as dust on the floor and sweeping it away. Sometimes adding cinnamon, salt, black salt, or even allspice onto the floor and sweeping that through the house helps too. The with everything that's been swept up, sweep it out the door or at least sweep it into a pan and take it outside. If you just sweep it into a dust pan and dump it into your trash, the energy is still in your home until you take the trash out; remember that.


The main thing to do with the new moon in Cancer is to take inventory on yourself. Cancer is all about nurturing. Cancer in its best light is the nurturer of the zodiac so take this time to meditate and figure out what parts of you need to be nurtured. We all go through life and sacrifice bits of ourselves in order to feed other parts. What parts of your self have you sacraficed that now need to be fed and taken care of again?

Cancer is also a nurturer of children. Children make up a big part of native Cancers whether they know it/accept it or not. Think about your childhood. Now is a great time to begin looking into childhood wounds and starting to heal them. You can meditate on what you feel you needed as a child that you didnt have and give that back to your inner child. Healing your inner child is a process that cannot be done overnight, but this is a great time to start that process. Add this into your intentions for the new moon and it will help you on your healing journey.

Set Intentions

When I can find some quiet time, I will light a new moon ritual candle or a white candle and begin writing my intentions and petitions. This is where journalling is so helpful! I have notebooks for everything and have one for all of my new moon intentions, petitions, affirmations, and notes.

If you're new to intention setting, here are a couple pointers. First, everything has to be written in a way that only states what you want vs a list of what you want to be rid of. Say, if you want to be rid of toxic people in your life, for example. If you write down in your intentions that you no longer what toxic people to come into your life, the fact that you wrote down the words "toxic people" will put that out into the universe and those types will always come around you.