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Let the Kidless be Kidless

I’ve always hated hearing people talk about how amazing and magical it is having kids and the “you don’t know love til you have a child” stuff. What’s even more embarrassing is when a parent is offended that a couple they know has decided not to have children.

First of all, it’s none of your business what another couple does or does not do regarding having a child. Whether it be in vitro, adoption, natural, or nothing. This topic is NO ONES business. And I guarantee the couple didn’t ask for your opinion on the matter anyway. No judgments please! I really don't see how it's anyone's concern if it in no way affects others in a negative way.

Second, there are enough children in the world without parents willing to raise them. If a couple doesn't want to have kids, it’s probably for a good reason. Many people just don’t have that nurturing ability or they are too impatient or hot-headed. People know their faults and know when they just should not have children.

Some people might not want to have children because they just don’t have the time. They could be backpacking through Europe right now with plans on doing lots of mission trips. Or they could have a business that is just starting to take off and would need to put in 12 hour workdays 7 days a week until business becomes steady. More power to them if they know they shouldn't have children instead of thinking having a child would fix a situation.

It is a lifestyle choice and one that is often not approved of for some extremely odd reason. Even better, if someone has decided the parenting life is not for them BEFORE they’ve conceived a child and have otherwise gotten themselves “fixed,” thats great! They’ve taken the precautionary operation to ensure their life goes the way they have planned. Hooray for them!

I feel like anyone who believes this is a bad thing, is old fashioned. Times change and so do people and ideas. Open your mind to the possibility that not everyone was raised in the same situation as you and not everyone looks at the world the way you do.

If people are living a certain way that makes them happy, who are you to tell them what they should do? Why not instead celebrate their happiness with them? Be glad they have found a way of life that inspires their happiness. Not everyone gets that opportunity.

I do believe in the idea tho that you do get something great out of having kids that you don’t get anywhere else. Kids give you a reason to live, and they make life challenging, yes, but also exciting. I do believe I was meant to be a mom, and i wouldn't trade it for anything!

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