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JPs Witchy Insta-Picks

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the pictures in this post. Any pictures off of instagram have been linked to the owner's instagram page and/or have the owner's instagram tag on them. The title picture is obviously also not my picture. That is Cher in the 70's I of course was not born yet...

*cue Witchy Woman by the Eagles*

In leu of the holiday, i thought it would be cool to share some of my favorite magical instas. These amazing goddesses have been inspirational for me as i have been a shy about my beliefs. Seeing other pagans/witches/wicca/whathaveyou out there gives me courage to open myself up to the world. And these chicks are the real deal 365 days a year, not just the "October witches." These ladies follow their feminine spirit wherever it takes them and are doing so in style.

Below are a few of my favorite accounts who don't just share pretty pictures but are also there as a pillar of information and support for other crafty people. Hope you enjoy reading these ladies' stories as much as I do!

Sadie is a beautiful certified herbal witch with her own store. I LOVE the pics she posts! Plus i gotta say, as a chick who lately isn't seen without dark lipstick, i adore hers! If you're looking for a collection of healing information, go to Sadie. If you don't have a healer in your life, you really need to get one! Go check out her wellness store on etsy! Click here.

Raven shares a lot of the staples that all witches should know. A great source of info if you're new here and don't want to be overwhelmed. I enjoy and look up to her simplicity. It's terribly easy to complicate things in this culture. Her protection spells are also a great starting point when dabbling into spellwork. With protective spells, you aren't going to be looking for information only to possibly misinterpret it if you're a beginner. You'll just feel a little more safe. spells/charms/enchantments whatever you feel comfortable calling them. Great tarot card info as well in explaining card meanings and sharing her interpretation.

I love this little Pagan's insta-blog. So much information and helpful tips about her practice. She shares pictures of her beautiful Grimoire and her book of shadows. Following along with her posts, she shares how she once hid this side of herself and has now come to embrace it and share it with the world. I admire ladies like these as i am now just starting to feel comfortable sharing these things about myself. Being able to relate on this level is inspiring.

This Celtic beauty is a is a girl i could definitely hang with! \m/ Mariina is definitely a history buff and history is there to learn from. She is a witch of little words but she says a lot. Her instagram is so full of green and life. If her posts don't awaken earthy magic in your souls, i am unsure if anything will.

5. @esoteric.enchantments

MUST FOLLOW! Sabrina is from Massachusetts. Her insta is filled with tarot readings and "spooky vintage things." Her facebook blog under the same name is really neat as well. I am seriously in love with all of her posts. I really do look forward to reading her stories and learning her thoughts on things. Sabrina's outlook on what she does and shares is so positive and positivity is so gravitational. You know when you read something about someone and just know that you would get along with them really well if you met them in person. That's Sabrina to me. She also just started a cool youtube channel to share knowledge and support for the spiritual community. Channel name is Esoteric Enchantments.

Sabrina is a very talented makeup artist as well! Her makeup instagram account is @the_enchanted_taurus. Go take a gander at that for some halloween makeup inspiration! This chick is amazeballs

I hope in this post you found some accounts that you would enjoy following! All of these ladies are so amazing and inspirational to me. Especially in how they share their knowledge with only the intentions of spreading information to the community, to inspire, and to be a positive source for others. And that is something i admire most about them.


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