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I Watched My Husband Fall in Love with Someone Else

My husband used to love me more than anything. He told me several times in a day and spoiled me with affection.

After we got married, I became pregnant with our first child together (we have two boys from previous relationships already). He was attentive and took care of me night and day. I couldn't believe I was lucky enough to find someone so loving and selfless.

And then our daughter was born. And from that day on, i watched my husband fall so deeply in love with someone else.

I was no longer the first he kissed when he came home from work, I was no longer his tightest hug. His excitement to see me faded and his excitement to see our daughter grew. Seeing her excitement when "dada" comes home from work and running to to door with a big smile on her face just to give him the biggest hug makes my heart melt.

Snuggles with me were replaced with bedtime cuddles with her. The time he and I used to spend together, he now spends that time playing with her and her toys. When I give her a bath, he steals her away to pick out pretty pajamas and to brush her hair. When she gets a booboo, she always cries for dada, just wanting to know hes there so she can feel safe. I love knowing she has the best relationship with her dada and how she's learning from him how she should be treated.

It has been the most amazing thing to witness my husband just drop everything for her and spoil her, listening to them play, how much she giggles at all the funny things he does and how excited he is to make her smile. In turn, I watch him also go through the saddest parts of being a parent, seeing his heart break having to watch her grow up. This breaks my heart in so many ways too.

You never think you will ever have to watch your husband fall in love with someone else but I would gladly watch him give his all to our daughter every day of our lives. If there's one thing he loves most in the entire world, it's her, and I'm so beyond grateful and lucky to be able to watch their relationship grow.

p.s. He does remind me very often how awesome I am for creating the most beautiful thing he's ever seen.


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