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I Have Found My Dream House!

So over the summer, my parents had to take a detour while driving to town due to some closed roads. On their way they had passed a house for sale and when they showed me, I about died...

This is one of the most beautiful houses I have ever seen! And honestly part of the reason it's so beautiful and attractive to me is that it needs some TLC and little miss nurturer over here would love to get her hands on a sad and hurt little house and make it beautiful again. I just can't get enough of this place! And Ill admit, I totally drove over there and walked around the place and took pictures myself. I wish i would have asked a realtor to show me the house too but I'm afraid i would have cried going that far knowing that i could never afford it.

Was it selfish of me to not post or tell anyone about this house purely for the reason that i wanted no one to know about it? Like I wanted it to stay on the market forever, driving the asking price down to an affordable range for me so that i could buy it. Yeah, that does kind of sound selfish.... Don't care!

Check out the gallery and tell me this house doesn't have a boatload of potential for raising kids and having amazing family get togethers at! Plus a few farm animals and the barn space for a decent home workshop. UGH! Why am i so poor!??!!

The inside of the house is even beautiful! They JUST took the listing down so I couldn't grab any of the pictures but it has a little wood stove in the dining room, fireplaces throughout the house, a huge kitchen, and lots of acreage.

I had obsessed over this house for a good while when it was on the market. I had imagined raising my family there. I had gone through each room and thought about how i would fix/decorate it and make it my own. I thought about which of those front trees i would hang a tire swing on, i thought about how i would decorate for Halloween.

I mean, come on. This house would look sooooo cool around Halloween with that rock wall! And that metal swing gate could be made so creepy. This is how I decide on houses by the way. If It can't be decorated for Halloween, and if it doesn't have a proper spot for a Christmas tree, I don't want it.

I actually just drove by this place the other day out of curiosity, just to see if the new owners were making any progress on the place. It did have a lot of water damage and roofing issues. That was actually due to the pitch of part of the roof not matching the roof below it. When rain would run off, it damaged the lower roof. Plus it looked like the gutters had fallen off, or were never there to begin with? With how the roof was, gutters are kind of mandatory on this house.

There was actually a very large hole in the deck off the back of the house. This was caused by an awning over a window being damaged with water and falling off - landing on the deck and breaking the already weakened deck boards. That part of the deck was constantly hit with the most of the poorly managed water runoff .

The damage showed on the inside as well. There was a very huge hole in the dining room ceiling, There was even damage to the floor just below that. This house really did need a lot of work, unfortunately. I totally would have been ready to get crackin ' though! I'm like a kid in a candy shop with stuff like this.

Upon driving by the house, it didn't look like anyone had made any progress on it. I really hope they do fix it up. I couldn't bear to see this hous ebe wasted away. It deserves a second chance to be beautiful again. And the barns too!

Maybe I'll be powerful and successful by the time this baby is back on the market! Hey, I can dream....

Ever see a house that you became emotionally attached to? Let me know in the comments. Please don't let me be the only one this eccentric.


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