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Hufflepuff Aesthetic Amazon Finds

This post contains affiliate links.

I have been a Hufflepuff my entire life. Unfortunately, that changed this past year when I retook the official sorting test and found I was a Ravenclaw. I had taken this quiz about 30 more times and the result was Ravenclaw every time. There's no way around it, I am just no longer a Hufflepuff sadly. But I still love everything about Hufflepuffs and will always carry a soft spot for them.

I've always loved the idea of the Hufflepuff common room being warm and nurturing with warm wood tones and bright yellows, maybe plants everywhere that the students happily tend to.

When we bought our house, I had started turning my and my husbands bedroom into a subtle Slytherpuff theme to honor our two houses. A lot of the items in this mood board are some of the things I was planning on adding to our house/bedroom to show off my Hufflepuff side. Now that I'm not needing many of these, I can at least share them with all of you! Maybe you might find it useful to help bring a little bit of magic to your home!

This duvet set is my absolute favorite! Every time I look at it, it makes me so happy and just looks so cozy. It even LOOKS like it smells nice. Like buttercream and sugar cookies. Thats what I imagine the Hufflepuff common room to smell like. That, and the smell of old book pages and lemongrass. What does the Hufflepuff common room smell like to you?

Add these pillow covers and your bed set is complete! What a cozy place to come home to and relax while reading your favorite book.

I found two throw blankets to go with the duvet set. You can store them in this wooden hope chest that looks like it's straight out of a Hogwarts dorm room.

Even this desk is great for studying and can even be a great place to sit with your tea and tend to your little mandrakes. This comfy chair cover is a perfect way to accent your room. Puffs are all about coziness!

Cant have cozy without great lighting like these wall sconces! These shaded sconces are a great way to add a soft look to your room and can be added anywhere since they just plug in! These other antique sconces just fit that warm, old world, and antique Hufflepuff style. Either would be great in your cozy common room. Click the pictures to see the listings!

What's a Hufflepuff without a hot cup of herbal tea??? This divination class inspired tea cup and saucer is so cute and still a subtle way to add magic to your morning, afternoon, or evening cup.

This Marauders Map tea set is to die for! Each mug displays the name of one of the four Marauders on it and the matching pot is so charming and mystical without being in your face.

These little Harry Potter Themed Charms are perfect to add a little magic to your wardrobe! I especially love the flying key one and will be getting that one to make a nice and minimalist little necklace for myself. Click the link to get yours!

These subtle quidditch themed cannister set themed canisters are great for the kitchen or the bathroom. a great reminder that Hufflepuffs, while docile and loving, can pack a powerful punch in sports as well!

Can't forget the plants! These gold plant hangers would be amazing in your Hufflepuff room! Because you know a nurturing Hufflepuff almost always has a great green thumb!

I love this little bee jewelry tray. If you really think about it, Hufflepuffs are just like little worker bees. They know what has to be done, they do it, and all enjoy working as a team for a common goal. Nurturing each other and pushing each other to do their best with love and kindness. They know that their hard work will always pay off in the end and they don't need to boast about it or be the center of attention.

These honey bee drawer knobs can really change the look of any room and would be a great way to tie your room together! Just being helpful in some way to the community makes Hufflepuffs happy, just like little honey bees.

And if all of this is just too subtle for you and you need something to tell the muggles how proud you are to be a Hufflepuff, this Hufflepuff Blanket Tapestry will do the trick!

Thanks for reading! I hope you found some great ideas here. What else would you add to this mood board? Comment below, I'd love to hear your ideas!


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