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DIY: Farmhouse Bathroom Sink

A while back, I mean like, over a year ago, I posted about our farmhouse bathroom project(you can read that by clicking here). The only unfinished thing was the sink. Well, its finally finished!

Because so many people in my house were either hurt, suffering from health issues, or working over 10 hours every day for the past 4 months (long stories), it took us forever to get at this sink. The faucet even broke back in august and we still could find the time. However, I did manage to at least gather the supplies over time...

First, I planned on making my parents a new sink almost two years ago. My plan was to use a cabinet that we already had, then add an above counter vessel sink basin to it with a new faucet. This would give added storage to a space where there once was none, and it would give us the counter space that we didn't have before. I do love the look of pedestal sinks but they really are very useless in terms of practicality.

Over the course of the next year, i gathered supplies. Since it wasn't an urgent project, i spread the buying out over time as i had more important things come up here and there. Getting my son adjusted to daycare, then preschool, then MY new work schedule, plus my ridiculous work hours, that's just life. Everything changes before you can even get settled.

Out with the old!

Unfortunately, part of the piping comes up through the floor and not the wall so we are just going to have to make do here. we could reroute the piped to come through the wall but then we would have to cut open the wall, replace floorboards... probably the more proper way to go but we don't have time for a complete remodel.

We had to buy a 6 inch hole saw in order to cut a proper hole in the top of the cabinet. Unfortunately we didn't account for this expense (about $33 at Home Depot). Normally, a project can be pretty cheap if you look hard enough, but it's having to buy or rent the tools to get it done.

With the piping being where it was, the shelf unfortunately had to be cut completely in half. In order to keep the inner shelf, my dad had to make-shift a "splint" out of aluminum to put underneath it. It's actually really sturdy!

I bought the sink bowl was just a cheap one from amazon. You can get the same one by clicking here. One think to note about vessel sinks is that they do not have an overflow drain. And because of that, they don't have drain plugs.

The faucet i picked out is definitely my favorite. Also an amazon buy. You can get one just like it for by clicking here. They currently aren't selling this exact one anymore. The drain came separate, you can click here for that and complete the same look we have.

Can't forget about the cabinet itself! My mom snagged this cute little thing for ten bucks at a yardsale a few years ago.

This project was a little more my dad's than mine. I did supply the faucet, drain, sink, and hole saw though. And the idea was also kind of mine so there's that. A completed farmhouse bathroom!


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