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Cyber Monday is the Cat's Pajamas

Do people still even use that cat's pajamas phrase anymore? I just think it's the bees knees. Am i a 90 year old lady? Why garsh, I think so!

I'm literally gearing up for cyber Monday right now as i also prepare for my 5 day weekend (hell yeaaaaaaah!). I have taken work off and I'm already loading my online store shopping carts with everything I want so that when that morning comes, I will be ready. What's better than shopping at home in your cat's pajamas while sipping coffee and literally not dealing with pushy people? Nothing. Nothing is better than that.

Livin, L-i-v-i-n that peaceful easy life. You all can go out on black Friday, get your crazy deals, trample a few people to death, duel someone for that Xbox game, get lost in the always astounding chaos that is Black Friday. But I will be at home, pretending all of that drama does not exist while I decide how to arrange my Christmas pillows.

Come Monday, I will get most of the same things you got at roughly the same prices with just the click of a button and the most devilish smile across my face. No, I do not have to abruptly end my thanksgiving meal at 3pm and gear up and drag my over-stuffed ass to the "early black Friday" nonsense, no. I will eat the shit out of that turkey, guzzle the gravy and inhale the mashed potatoes knowing that I can take a nice long nap afterwords to digest it all and that I won't be receiving the "I despise your entire being" stares from the less than enthusiastic cashiers having to work thanksgiving evening, and night. I understand holiday pay is great but still, no one likes working on holidays.


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