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Cottagecore Amazon Finds

This post contains affiliate links. I do not own the tight to any of the photos in this post and only share them for promotional purposes.

Here i am, 39 weeks and a day pregnant and over the weekend, my husband and my nesting self decided rearraging the entire house was a great idea...ya know...for the baby.

And of course it got me in the redecorating spirit! While i love my french chic look, my house is essentially a little cottage style home so i may as well embrace that aspect of it.

Our room is getting downsized, but that reveal is for a different post on a different day. Today, I'm just sharing all the cute little cottagy things I've found on Amazon in my search of a spring refresh for our room! Some of these are definitely in my cart!

These antique brass wall sconces! Little lamps and ambient lighting are great for cottagy evenings, and make a room feel so cozy.

This insanely cute floral bedding that im dying to get for our room! Nothing says "Cottage" like floral print. I love this one because it's subtle and not super in your face.

Some fairy wall decor! I LOVE these vintage fairy art prints! Fun fact: I used to be obsessed with fairies as a child. I even got a book for christmas that was one of the coolest fairy field guides. I wonder if its still at my parents house somewhere...

These metal heart wall hangings can definitely add some charm to your cottage! They also come in silver but i like the aged gold look best.

I mean, can you get any more cottagey with a light up Lilly of the Valley cloche? This little thing is absolutely adorable and would be so cute in a fairy themed kids room! So many possibilities!

These are little stick on butterflies that can turn any room into a whimsical, magical land. You can get these for just $7 and in an assortment of colors! Naturally my eyes go for the gold but there are rainbow ones, bi color ones, black ones, the list goes on! They come in packs of 48 with 3 varying sizes.

This vintage blue frame with a rose print is so shabby chic and french cottage to me. Cottage elements always have this blue color and floral elements are a must!

You can bet i have these Madison d' Hermine panels in my cart too! They are for Easter technically, but i would use them all spring and summer. They just look so quaint and happy!

These gold bee drawer pulls are the perfect thing to add a little cottage and country charm to your dressers. This quick and simple switch can really update the look of your chests of drawers!

Finally, Lenox has so many dishes that just scream cottagecore. I seriously want all of them!

Thanks so much for checking these out! I had fun making this post and might make more in the future.

Blessings, my loves!


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