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Awesome Bat Decor for Autumn

Disclaimer: All of the below pictures in this post do not belong to me. Click any picture to link to the site selling the item.

Hey all!

Recent happenings: we have BATS!

I love bats and understand their role in nature. Not only do i understand their role, i appreciate it. HOWEVER... they do NOT need to take up residence in my house. as of right now, there are some bats that have found their way into our attic. I know, typical, bats in the attic but not really. Its very bad for your home and your health to have bats living in your house. and ours are in our attic. I'm not talking about the attic under the peak of our house. I'm talking about bats in our walk-in attic adjacent to my bedroom, with the attic door being right next to my bed. The attic where we keep all of our important things in storage. Now all those things have nasty, hazardous bat poop all over them.

I had a nightmare about it last night. I opened the attic door and a freakishly huge bat flew out and attacked my face. These bats GOT to go. But while I come up with a plan for bat relocation, I am feelin pretty inspired right now...

Here are a few bat-inspired things i found in the internet world that I'm obsessing over right now...

This Super Cool Bat Pin

I'm really getting into enamel pins right now and this one is just adorable! It's on Etsy! Click the pic to snag yourself one!

Bat Enamel Pin

This Haunted Mansion Worthy Bat Chandelier

I feel my life would be complete if i had this chandelier hanging in my bedroom. A perfect centerpiece to set a spooky tone in any room. It almost looks like it would be a movie prop for a Dracula's castle scene...which makes it even more alluring.

I found this picture on pinterest and can't seem to find a source anywhere so if this picture belongs to you or you know the owner, please reach out to me, I'd love to credit the owner and also locate this bad boy and possibly offer all of my moneys...

Bat Key Holder

Wayfair Bat Key Holder

This is pretty cool and right now its 10% off! Click the pic to get it on Wayfair!

And some extra inspiration for ya, below is a pic from tumblr blogger Transylvania Tea Party. Click HERE to visit her creepy cool blog for more inspiration!

Bat shaped Ouija Board

I love the look of this! It even comes in glitter!! If i didn't already have a Ouija board pillow, I'd totes get this wall clock but i don't want Ouija overkill. I'm not about to accidentally open a door to the underworld. uh uh. nope.

By the way, i JUST came across Curiology Ltd while making this post and their stuff is amazingly wicked. *swoon* Click the pic and check it out!

This Chic Wall Hanging

You could also hang it in a window as a sun catcher. Click the pic to buy this bad boy on etsy

Bat Glass Wall Hanging

This Bat Sun Catcher

Because anything stained glass is just classy af. Click the picture for the etsy listing

Stained Glass Bat

This One is Pretty Cool too!...wait

If you're just evil all around, this is the bat for you

The Walking Dead Lucille Bat Replica

Hope you guys are now as much into the halloween spirit as i am! Click HERE to check out my bat pinboard for more amazing bat findings to deck out your house this season! Happy hauntings!


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