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Lifestyle Blogs

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Dismiss Them

The internet mall is filled with thousands upon thousands of lifestyle blogs. If you feel the need to label your blog with one topic to stand out, don't. Because you won't stand out at all. How many thousands of blogs exist that are ONLY travel related or ONLY beauty related?

There are many parts of you as a person, there should be many parts of your blog. Don’t limit yourself!

More Moola!

If you are one of those bloggers who is interested in making a little bit of income through blogging, wouldn't you want all different kinds of customers? Help as many people as you can! Getting more unique page views is definitely great for your blog, and the best way to do this is to appeal to more than one demographic. Cover all the bases!

One Stop

If you’re like me, then you’re sort of a jack of all trades. Let your blog reflect that as well. Make it be the one place people should go to. Everything they need all in one place. This will also keep them coming back. If you have enough useful information, people will pin your blog over and over, or even subscribe.

More Content, Less Stress and Writer's Block

I always see bloggers stressing over not being able to come up with more content that fits their blogs profile. Why not broaden your blog's overall topic? Then you can write about that restaurant you went to last night or that horrible first date from last week. Make your blog more human and relatable.

You Can Still Be Clean and Organized

A lot of people will tell you to stay away from this idea and to keep your blog clean. They will say it clogs your blog and makes things look very confusing and unattractive. I say NAY! Yes, make sure your blog is organized but don’t let organization and cleanliness take away from your content, or take away from you.

If you’re new to blogging, really look into putting each blog post in a certain category. This will look very sharp if its listed in the title section of each individual blog post, plus it will be easy for your readers to find posts they are interested in.

Depending on what you’re using to make your site, its great to have a “Search by Category” sidebar. Your audience can look up all posts about Parenting, or all posts about Halloween.

If you still want your blog to look “clean” sometimes it’s better to take advantage of sub-pages as opposed to displaying each different page on the menu bar. You can have 4 pages with drop down sub-pages rather than 8 or 9 pages displayed. Readers can get a little overwhelmed with your blog if there’s too much to look at.

More room to be REAL

It’s OK to have a mommy page AND and concert page. It’s OK to have a Health page AND a tv show chat page. Your life isn't all about one thing, you have many things going on in your life. Your life, your passion, your point of view, and your learning experiences are valuable. Bloggers look for content that they can relate to, that provides assurance, and that helps them with a problem. Different readers will look for certain things that you can provide them. Why settle for only one market? Be versatile!

I’m just sayin’, don’t be any less you for the sake of your blog. Your readers can smell fakeness a mile away and will steer clear of your blog. Don’t be that person!

If you’re a lifestyle blogger, send me a link to your page in the comments below! I would LOVE to read it.

Happy blogging! :)

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