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A Charming Little Flower Shop!

Have you thought about where you're getting your Valentines bouquets?

Located right on grand river in downtown Williamston, Mi, The Botany Boutique makes you feel so intrigued by that vintage inspired logo and window. A little patio table sits out front just waiting for some spring weather. The storefront alone catches my eye every single time I pass. It seriously makes you wonder what amazing things could be waiting inside. I mean, look how cute!!!

Inside, you are absolutely overwhelmed (in a good way) by all sorts of amazing house plants that are so well cared for, you just might buy all of them and take them home. The owners have told me they even do little celebration dances when their lovely plants grow some new leaves; adorable! How can you pass buy a shop where the staff puts so much love and care into what they do?

Today, I met Brooke and Jess. The second I walked in, I was greeted with two big smiles and a "Hello, how are you?" In the back, they both worked away diligently creating some lovely arrangements in vases - a dream job, really. These two sister in laws bought this place back in March 2022 from family, who has owned it for about 40 years. I love that the place has been kept in the family but the new spin they put on it is really amazing. To take a simple flower shop and add a splash of Bohemia, a pinch of modern home goods, and a whole lot of house plants make this shop a breath of fresh air to walk into. Just look how fun and cute they are!

These ladies were so lovely to talk to and so down to earth. If I wasn't almost 8 months pregnant, I would have asked for a job there just to be able to be in the incredible atmosphere they've created for a few hours a day. Maybe one day in a couple years lol

Honestly, if they sold coffee or tea here, I would probably bring a good book to read and not leave this chair for a few hours. Anyone else dream of one day owning a house with a parlor that looks like this???

And OF COURSE I had to sample the goods and buy a little bouquet for myself. They had so many lovely flowers to choose from but I settled on a few rose stems with some baby's breath and greenery. They made it so lovely I almost didn't want to vase them and ruin the arrangement! I don't know about you, but a fresh bouquet ALWAYS makes me 10 times happier just seeing them.

Well, this place has my vote for being THE place to get Valentines bouquets or even all occasions! Stop in there soon and see for yourself! It really is worth a visit! Don't forget to check them out on the web too! They are on Facebook and instagram as well as their own awesome website where you can order your beautiful and vibrant arrangements like mine. Many blessings! - Jaym

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