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Farmhouse Boy's Room: Prime & Paint!

Hey guys! I finally have Ollie's room painted! It had taken a while but it's done.


Priming took longer than expected. Everything had to be done in two coats so it took a while. the hardest part was getting the primer in between the shiplap boards so that was done first. Then the rest was rolled on and touched up with a brush.

It probably could have been easier to just use a paint primer mix but that honestly doesnt work very well. I've had bad experiences in the past with it and the hassle of sixing it is too much.

The same thing goes with shampoo and conditioner mixes. If you want to have nice hair, do NOT use that.

The primer i picked was Kilz 2 Latex water base Interior primer. This is the primer i use on all of my projects for indoors. obviously, i use the indoor/outdoor primer for projects outside. It would definitely need to hold up to Michigan weather.


I'm in LOVE with this color and its not even the expensive paint either.

The color is called Elegant Charcoal by Glidden in satin. Just over $18 for a gallon at Walmart. I picked this color because it really goes well with everything i plan on doing with this room, right down to adding christmas decor. Plus it makes the white look very sharp. I also picked this color because this room is a very bright room with the two large windows in it. having a dark color on the walls was a good balance. MY room on the other hand is not very well lit so I'm painting those walls white to brighten it up.

This was a paint/primer mix but i still wanted the walls primed with REAL primer anyways. That way, the actual paint wouldn't be tinted from the color of the wood.

I decided to go with Glidden brand because it was on the cheap side at Walmart. Having it be a boys room, i figured the walls are going to get scuffed up anyways so I didn't want to by a $50 gallon of paint. Usually when you buy cheaper paint, it lacks in quality, meaning the texture is bad. This paint was actually pretty decent for quality and I had no problems using it. The only real issue is that it seems to not fully cure. It's still tacky and its been a few weeks.

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For the trim and doors, i used Sherwin Williams Snowbound in semigloss. This one was a little more expensive at about $56 per gallon.

Note: I find it works best to use a satin finish on the walls and a semigloss on the trim.

I decided on Sherwin Williams for the trim because I would only need a gallon can to do Ollies room, my room, and the bathroom trim. Paint is expensive so I'm trying to use it where i can, and this was a 3 birds - 1 can type thing. Otherwise i really would have done something cheaper for his room. buying two quarts is pretty much the same price as a gallon so might as well get 1 gallon of the same color.

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That's all for now! I'll post more once i get the finishing touches up.

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