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DIY: Moon Decor

Hey everyone!

This is a very simple and small project but it had been on my mind to do ever since i came up with the idea and i thought it was just unique enough to share.

Over christmas, i came across my box of glass crescent moon ornaments from a few years ago. I didn't end up using them on my tree this past season because I did a super awesome masquerade themed tree that i so wish i would have had the time to blog about! It even had a phantom of the opera mask as the topper! Maybe next year you guys will get to see it. Oh well.

Anyway, I still wanted to find a use for the moon ornaments so i thought maybe handing them by my dresser mirror? No. In a window? No. Above my bed? Getting close...on the wall above my bed. THAT'S the winner. Off of... a branch. Got it! I had found a really awesome old fallen branch in December when i was looking to make Oliver a broomstick for Christmas to go with his Harry Potter things. The branch was large enough for me to cut a few smaller branches from.

I left the branch in my dad's workshop to dry out. After that, I had to figure out how to go about hanging it on the wall. All i really did was wire it to a few nails in the wall.

We have a lot of crafting scraps floating around our house so I used navy blue tulle ribbon to attach the ornaments to the branch. Making them all different lengths gave it a whimsical feel.

I moved my LED string lights up to it too! You can get the same LED plug in lights HERE. I love these because they're dim enough to have on in the evening time to wind down and relax without being in the dark. They plug into the wall but they also have a separate plug in so you can turn them off without reaching all the way behind a dresser or in my case, behind my headboard.

And done! Simple moon decor over your bed!


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