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15 Reasons Why Autumn is the Most Amazing Season

It’s that time! School has begun, the leaves are starting to change, you’re starting to wake up to frosty car windows, Autumn. I have to say, this is my favorite season. So here are all the things I love about it!

1. The Clothes

Oh the outfits. Sweater weather. There's something about pulling on a huge sweater, some comfy leg warmers (yes, i love leg warmers and have since 10th grade) and watching movies on the couch.

2. You’re less guilty about staying in

When it’s summer, I always feel guilty being indoors for any reason. When it’s beautiful outside, you can’t waste it. But sometimes you just need to have that one day where you lay around eating poptarts and watching Netflix. At least in the fall time, you can do that a little more often with less guilt.

3. Pumpkin everything

It’s that stuff that bitches are crazy over. It’s 3 months of nothing but pumpkin shit all over the place. Check out my other article about bitches and their #pumpkinlust coming soon!

4. Halloween

Best and most creative holiday ever in my opinion.

5. Apple Cider

Apple cider is just addicting.

6. Hot Chocolate

It becomes acceptable to consume this beverage again. “Hit me with some of that Hot Choc, Murray. And put some cool whip on it.”

7. Changing leaves

Its sad when trees begin to lose their plant hair but it is beautiful. Especially here in Michigan.

8. Yard work becomes fun

Jumping in leaf piles. Need I say more?

9. The Food!

Yes! Yes! Yeeeeeessss! The food. Oh the comfort food. In fact, I’m eating a huge bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy while I'm writing this. How do you say no? The pies?! The rolls!! The baked goods. The soups, the stews, the crock pot roasts. All those hot meals you could never eat with the summertime heat. Oh sweet glorious carbs, where have you been all summer? Get in my BELLYYYY!!!!

10. Hometown football games

No, I really don’t like football. Or most sports for that matter, but it is fun getting all bundled up to go to a football game. Even just the socializing side of it. And i don’t mind supporting my hometown's football team.

11. The kids are back in school

Probably one of the best reasons for busy moms. Yes, I know you love your kids unconditionally but man, I bet it's nice to have even just a half an hour of a quiet house. 7 hours a day that you really don’t have to worry too much about potential hazards in their environment or having to constantly clean up after them. Sometimes it’s just nice sitting in the quiet without having to repeat what you’ve said to your 7 year old 15 times.

12. Carving Pumpkins

You get to be artsy AND stick you hand in the mushy innards of a pumpkin. #winning

13. Hay Rides

Who doesn't love hay rides?

14. Bonfires

Fall time bonfires are the best! S’mores galore.

15. No Mosquitos

I have to admit, this is probably my favorite reason. My. Lord. I hate mosquitoes. It’s almost liberating to go outside and not have to worry about them carrying away your 2 yr old.

Well, how did I do? Did I manage to get all your favorite reasons too? Let me know what you think. I LOVE reading your comments!

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