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July Full Moon

The Buck Moon comes about every July, marking the turning point of the year. We just finished up the summer solstice last month marking the longest day of the year, and from there our days are going to start getting shorter. It might not feel like that though since summer is barely half way done, but the daylight hours will start to gradually fade as they always do.

Now is when we may start to feel a sense of urgency, like we need to get moving on our goals and summer plans before its all over. A lot of this feeling is due to the full moon being in the sign of Capricorn. For those who dont follow astrology, full moons occur only when the moon is opposite the sun, therefore, when the sun is in Cancer as it is now, the full moon will show her grown self in the sign directly opposite, meaning Capricorn.

I do very much love Capricorn energy and do find it extremely useful for setting goals and having the ambition to take the steps to accomplish them. This is what we may get called to do during this July Moon.

The Buck Moon got its name because this is the time of year when we see bucks antlers have grown in. Theyve been shedding the fuzz off and the older bucks have shed their old antlers completely and grown new, more impressive ones.

Another name this moon goes by is the Hay Moon. This term was coined by farmers signifying the time when hay would be harvested and stored for the winter. I live in a rural town and have seen lots of hay fields being harvested already.

Now is the time for you to take inventory on what you have and see what you should be stocking up on and preparing for the coming winter months (I know the last thing you want to do right now is worry about winter. Im totally there with you!)

The July full moon can also go by the name of Thunder Moon. This one is probably my favorite! There is something so magical to me about thunder storms. I have a July birthday and to this day, almost every year, it has thunder stormed on my birthday. I used to be sad about it but now I have accepted it and look forward to it. At this point, I feel very lost and disconnected when it doesn't rain on my birthday. And with Cancer ruling most of the month of July, the moodiness of the weather makes sense. It's like the crab himself is ruling the sky, reminding you that though he is nurturing, he is a force to be reckoned with.

Rituals for the July Full Moon

Clean and revamp your altar

I have multiple altars in my home but my monthly one is on my bedside table right under my bedroom window. This is the one that changes most and that I alter throughout every month according to the time of year. This full moon combines the energy of water and earth. Add your water elements and earth elements to help bring success to you this month and also remind you of the lovely balance that earth and water bring each other when the Sun is in Cancer while Moon is in Capricorn.

A July Full Moon Tarot Drawing

Although Cancer is the 4th sign in the zodiac, its corresponding tarot card is the number 7 card; the Chariot. Pull this card out of the deck and set it aside. Now ask spirit/God/the divine/the universe, "How can I move towards my goals this month with balance?"

Now pull out the Devil card and ask spirit, "What is restricting me from me from reaching my goals?" Do not disregard the jumper cards. Those are the ones whose message need to be heard the most. If you're new to Tarot or not and just haven't found the right deck, you could try the Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot Deck. This one is one of my favorites to do readings for myself and the art nouveau art is beautiful. If that one doesn't float your boat, then you could also try out my other favorite deck, Ancestral Path Tarot Deck. This deck is so diverse and the artwork is not only stunning, but so extremely intuitive. I feel called to these two decks for this month as the Ethereal Visions deck always has a calm and understanding feel to me like Cancer while the Ancestral Path Deck has a very grounded and earthy feel that reminds me of Capricorn.

July Moon Affirmation

Light a gold, white, and green candle on your altar. If you don't have gold, yellow works. If you don't have any colored candles, 3 white candles will do just fine! Think about how far you've come in the last 6 months; how much you've grown and how far you've come to completing your goals.

I am committed to working on aligning myself with my highest and greatest good. I am confident and grounded and am proud of how far I've come this year. I am focused and stable in working on and reaching my goals.

Crystals to Work With

Capricorn is an earth sign and crystals to use during this time would be very grounding, focused energy and ambition. Tigers Eye - Extremely grounding

Garnet - Helps you stay grounded and connected to the present moment. Also assist with eliminating worry, fear, and panic so you can become more stable to those around you. Aids with stability in work.

Black Onyx - Stone of goal-making, working on mastering your future, and balance. Mental and emotional stability and clarity.

Green Goldstone - Prosperity, increases ambition, and luck. Energy, positive attitude, and confidence.


This is something that people tend to overlook or forget about doing but journalling is one of the best ways to learn and move toward self discovery. When you journal, you are keeping record of history. You are making notes of all of your thoughts and feelings. This is so great to look back on and can be your best study and self awareness tool.

Write down all the things that are and are not working for you/working in your best interest. Come up with a plan on how to let go of or alter what is hindering you from reaching your goals and getting closer to your higher self.


What are some things not listed that you have incorporated into your own practice? I'd love to hear about your own rituals if you have any! Let me know in the comments below! Blessed be, lovelies!


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