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Sometimes When You Least Expect It...

When you least expect it, life throws you everything you've been waiting for.

I've been very bad about blogging lately. And by lately, i mean the past 10 months or so. A lot has been happening though so I'll fill you in on a bit.

Around the beginning of July, I began looking for another job. I LOVED the radio station but a desk job is just not for me. I ended up finding a job at our local Aldi Warehouse as a selector. That was a couple weeks process. I absolutely love working there. Aldi really is a great employer! If you ever apply there, tell them I sent you :)

Then back in June, one of my high school best friends that I had just reconnected with told me her husband had gotten a job with Tesla and they were moving out of state beginning of July. You can read about those emotions in by clicking the related article at the bottom of the page.

That next weekend, a few of my station work friends had all gotten together to hang out on the lake and that's when I had told them that I had accepted a new job. Little did I know that one of them had been planning on asking me on a date and used that as the opportune moment. We've been together ever since.

Needless to say, a lot had changed in such a short amount of time and now life is FINALLY starting to calm down. I wish I had time to blog about each and every single thing as it came along. It all seemed to pass way too fast. From here on out, I'll be writing posts about that missing time. Some of those times were struggles for me in accepting the reality of things but in the end, I'm just all around really happy with where my and Ollie's lives are and where they are going. More to come!


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Hi! I'm Jaymie Page AKA The Midnight Queen. I'm a twenty something year old and a mom of one amazing little boy. I'm fumbling through the blunderbuss of being a semi-single mom and trying to make it in this world. I want to give my son the life he deserves and this is my journey to making that happen.

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