Website Theme Artwork:

Website theme artwork (all background artwork) was purchased via Creative Artist is katja.gerasimova. For more of their artwork, click here. Use my link and sign up to purchase other artowork from the site for personal or commercial use. Rates may vary depending on your intended use of artwork. 


I previously found a lot of this artwork on Etsy, looking to buy it for wall decor. By purchasing it directly from Creative Market , i was able to use it for my site PLUS use it to print off as home decor. Please be sure to buy the extended licence of the artwork if you plan on using the artwork for resell or legal action may be taken by the original artist.

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Meet the Midnight Queen

Hi! I'm Jaymie Page AKA The Midnight Queen. I'm a twenty something year old and a mom of one amazing little boy. I'm fumbling through the blunderbuss of being a semi-single mom and trying to make it in this world. I want to give my son the life he deserves and this is my journey to making that happen.

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Photo Credit: Alysha Jayne Photography